AdMob 4.0.4 Tutorial

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  • DJ PEP!

    Thanks man! great tutorial!

  • Kajan Warwick

    Thanks :D Finally able to make it work!

  • Typie34

    im quite new to all this android dev stuff and your tools and tutorials helped me alot already, but can you do a tutorial to implement those ads into an “app inventor” app? i aready “marketized” my app and then tried to decompile the AI app with appmanager and added it to the eclipse project where i made the admob ads working. but thats probably the wrong way cause it istn really working. can you help me with that?

    • Gene Kupfer

      It’s currently not possible. There are a few things that need to be modified that are not accessible.

      • Typie34

        ah, this is sad :(
        hope they implement such a function to AI soon.
        thanks for your help.

  • Guest

    How do I get this magic “device id” so that only test ads are displayed?  (My app is currently displaying REAL ads all the time.)

    A few of my test devices are 1000 miles from here… so there’s no possible way I can “hook them all up to Ecplise/DDMS and view the log”.  Is that the ONLY way?

    What is the java code method to “get the device Id that setTestDevice needs”????

    All my SDKs, libs, executables are up-to-date as of today.