Author: Gene Kupfer

Steam for Mobile 0

Steam for Mobile

I thought I’d take a moment to say you heard it here first folks. I predicted it back in April of 2011 ( that Steam would be coming to Android. Of course to be...

Marketizer Cloud Beta 1

Marketizer Cloud Beta

      First I’d like to thank everyone for your patience. It’s been a much longer stretch then I had  hoped before getting to this point. However, the new version is ready for...

Using Marketizer Virtually 0

Using Marketizer Virtually

Using virtualization you can run a Windows OS on top of Linux or OS X. There is a free solution available called VirtualBox, which allows you to run a sandboxed OS, such as Windows....

In The News 0

In The News

We had some very interesting things happen last week in mobile news and I thought I’d recap some of the top headlines here. Netflix has updated their app to support all Android 2.2 and...

Some Facts About Marketizer 0

Some Facts About Marketizer

I get questions about Marketizer on a fairly regular basis asking about what language it’s programmed in. So as I was thinking about it, and I realized that I’ve probably never answered that question....

Marketizer Update Is Coming 1

Marketizer Update Is Coming

  It’s been a while since a new version of Marketizer has been released, but that is about to change. I’ve mentioned I have something in the works that will cost a lot to...

Troubleshooting issues when using Marketizer 0

Troubleshooting issues when using Marketizer

    I wish I could be around more often to help people resolve issues when using Marketizer, but unfortunately I can’t. So I’ve been putting together a FAQ to help people resolve issues....

Downloads Page 0

Downloads Page

Looks like Google has blocked displaying the Code page through an iframe, which is how I was displaying it. The downloads are still available and you can reach them directly by going to Update 0 Update

I’m happy to report that the maintenance and upgrade went very smoothly. The site should be performing a bit better and will hopefully be more stable. We’ll see what happens when we hit peak... Maintenance 0 Maintenance

Hi everyone. I will be doing some maintenance and upgrades on over the weekend. If all goes well there shouldn’t be any downtime. I’ll keep everyone posted regarding the progress.   Join our...