Enable Java

If you’re having connection problems, the first thing you want to do is make sure you are…

  1. Running the latest device drivers for your device
  2. Running the latest version of Java Runtime
  3. Latest version of Java Runtime is enabled

Follow this guide to verify step 3 abovee.

  1. Open the Windows Control Panel
  2. Open the Java Control Panel
  3. java1
  4. Click the Java tab at the top
  5. Click View
  6. java2
  7. Check the Product column to locate the latest version. It’s possible to have more then 1 listed
  8. Make sure it has a check mark in the Enabled column
  9. Click OK

You can also check the following locations for additional help troubleshooting connection problems, and the gray button.
On theAIRepsitory.info

Official AI Forums

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