Marketizer 2.0 is now available

Grab it now from my download site. I promised a big release and this one is nothing short of huge. Here are all the goodies.

Marketizer can now do it all and does not require installing dependencies.

Download here:

Discuss Marketizer here:

  • All dependencies are included with Marketizer 2.0
    • jdk not required
    • android sdk, not required
    • jre not required
  • Self-signed cert automation
  • Eliminated auto-sign. Now it’s even faster to convert your apk
  • Checking to make sure .keystore is NOT added when entering in create cert tab
  • Certs are stored in Marketizer install dir in \MyCerts
  • Launcher_signed directory is backed up as “Launcher_signed_ApkName_Date_Time”. In case you need it later
  • No longer necessary to restart Marketizer to convert another apk. Just go back to the “Customize apk” tab and select another apk
  • Save alias and storepass to a .mtz file. Can retrieve later to load alias and pw
  • Smaller app window
  • Donate button now opens external browser

On Windows 7, right-click the installer and run as admin. You will also need to run the app as admin. I tested on multiple machines and sometimes I had to, other times I didn’t. Just keep this in mind in case you have trouble installing and/or running the app. If you run the app and it fails during the conversion process, try running the app as admin.

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