Marketizer 3.0 is Available for Download



Alright folks, here is what many of you have been asking for. Marketizer 3.0 is now a single-click solution. You provide some info, you supply the App Inventor apk, click one button and you’re done.

Now for the usual stuff…

Fully automated, single-click conversion of App Inventor apk’s to Google Market compatible. Self-signed cert automation included.

Download here:

Discuss Marketizer here:

Release Notes

– Marketizer is now a single-click solution!!! Just supply the needed info, click the button and publish to Google Market
– Watching for attempts to use period in any fields when creating a cert. Periods are not allowed. This is not my rule. I’m just catching errors before they happen
– Watching for attempts to use decimal for versionCode. This value must be a whole number
– Moved “msvcr71.dll” to [InstallDir]\Marketizer\jdk\bin. This should eliminate related errors from occuring
– Some design changes
– Some warning message changes

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