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First I’d like to thank everyone for your patience. It’s been a much longer stretch then I had  hoped before getting to this point. However, the new version is ready for a larger beta and I have put up a newsletter sign-up in the right side-bar which has a checkbox to opt-in to the beta.

I have made a lot of changes, both cosmetic and functional to this version. So far it appears to be stable and I’m hoping that this will be the experience everyone has with it.

The major change was the re-design and re-writing of code to implement the ClickOnce Cloud deployment. I have also added a real help file that is currently on the empty side, but I will be updating it with more stuff. Which brings me to one of the biggest benefits of the Cloud based implementation. Whenever I make a change, you will not be required to download and install a new version. As soon as I publish the change to the Cloud, you will automatically be prompted to update the next time you launch Marketizer.

I’ll publish the complete change log, when this version goes public. I am also purposely leaving out any guidance related details because I want your feedback with your experience the first time using this version of Marketizer. This will help me design the GUI to be more intuitive if needed.

If you would like to help test this please hit up the sign-up sheet in the upper section of the right sidebar.


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  • Anonymous

    Excellent work with Marketizer Cloud (4.1) but i always get the infamous “dist” not found error when setting “Enable Screen Support Options” i did many test and find out that the problem is with the manifest tag “android:xlargeScreens” in fact if you delete it from xml file (pausing the conversion, editing the xml, then continue) the process runs fine.
    I know that xlargeScreens is supported from SDK 9 up, maybe this is the problem (AI as a target Sdk of 4 i believe).
    Can you please look at it, i tried to set minSDK to 9 but the error is still there.