Marketizer Cloud Release


Hello Everyone,

I’m happy to announce that I have published the newest version of Marketizer for everyone to use. With this release I am also going to stop working on the installer (setup.exe) version. Any changes I make going forward will be done on this build. A few things I’d like to note. I have designed it in such a way that all supporting files are included. It should not require any resources from other locations, such as the java install, because I isolated any required files and have bundled them with Marketizer. I have also made it compatible with the latest release of App Inventor from MIT, so you should be able to convert your MIT apk’s. I also noticed that using the ClickOnce configuration, it no longer requires elevated privileges to do the conversion. I left the button to allow this option, just in case. Using this deployment, Marketizer now checks for updates every time you launch it. This means that whenever I release a new version, it will automatically update when you launch Marketizer.

To install this version, please follow these steps:

First time install

  1. Using Internet Explorer, go to
  2. Click “Install Marketizer”
  3. When Marketizer opens, click “Create Working Directory” under Setup—>Cert tabs
  4. Once the directory is generated, Marketizer is ready

Marketizer Cloud Beta users

  1. Backup the previous Working Directory by renaming it. i.e. Marketizer_backup
  2. Using Internet Explorer, go to
  3. Click “Install Marketizer”. It should update the beta version to this one
  4. When Marketizer opens, click “Create Working Directory” under Setup—>Cert tabs
    • We need to do this because the supporting files need to be updated
    • The backup in step 1 will contain any important images, files and certs you have stored there
  5. Once the directory is generated, Marketizer is ready

Release Notes

  • Added ClickOnce Install
  • Re-wrote conversion related code to support the ClickOnce installation
  • Added a function to create all the resources required for Marketizer to work after installing
    • This will be created in your My Documents folder under Marketizer
    • Added threading functionality. This will keep Marketizer from locking up while it’s doing it’s thing building resources
  • Added a button for quick access to the Marketizer folder
  • Moved the “Setup” tab before the “Create Cert” tab to make sure the resources are generated before trying to do anything else
  • Moved “Cert” tab under “Setup”, to the left. More logical since it contains the button to create working directory
  • Added a separate window for the About dialog
    • Accessible through the menu button
  • Added a help file for the help dialog
    • Accessible through the menu button
  • Added a “What’s New” tab, for a place to provide news updates and ad space
  • Selected apk file name will now be displayed under the “Select apk” button
  • Added a FAQ to the help file
  • Added directory for unsigned apk’s
  • Advanced Settings: Added option to set one or more GPS Permissions

  • Resolved conversion problem due to syntax error in manifest from MIT apk
  • Updated all supporting 3rd party files

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  • B Nichols

    Thank you!

  • Ffdesign01

    When I click install it shows the following page:


    FZpwjFWlBQmHIQTRz3kvyuRMTsk=JLu+h7IK8+0kNheluy9ThN3opMp3oOeMvwGOYITvrO4Ly4dB1s6BGgfEdSFkecg2qxTYjlI4L2GC5S+j+NoJHikwgRlimvkJAWlVZn5UfPD4uWo4b0wt1QmXqLdlH/zOhYqAj9z+RMQPsWJKDPpUcAK3bwrrQKaTpPZyweCcj10=2LrhgCl5yBQ8CkYCM/Y1pxdShpAiarV3AUyceQ0hM3WbXjQU91wXMoWPTBXbxF2rX+bGzvWfcO4wgUeUT4J3jzVdqgb630sAkyto698mCvzbrehR8dBnDO6NFA0IvSARiifOtEuTkKO35ufaBMvmafIkcTk+xz24JxXVPGU1VPc=AQABCN=tAIIC.comde2d397iJGVv1O1g3aHX2TvjWFM=OC4qUGM5efcS0yal75nQVxq7gmDQmcMUzKgisqX3LX8Hlkufvo85uq3eKgF+NO6QAVwaQlEzoKINSM2tw6wkrZLGllMrGCIn0rj6btmaGNeTbV7+Xo5xYnME6+2zHQcIJVowirbnkrWIinDqe/ZGOSLFwRepta4nn6tQ/Yw0kjM=2LrhgCl5yBQ8CkYCM/Y1pxdShpAiarV3AUyceQ0hM3WbXjQU91wXMoWPTBXbxF2rX+bGzvWfcO4wgUeUT4J3jzVdqgb630sAkyto698mCvzbrehR8dBnDO6NFA0IvSARiifOtEuTkKO35ufaBMvmafIkcTk+xz24JxXVPGU1VPc=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 for the long post but I figured you would want the entire content….

    • Are you using IE? If you are and this is happening, try to toggle compatibility mode a couple times, doing CTRL+F5 after each toggle. I had this happen as well, but after doing that it worked. If it still doesn’t work, try to clear browser cookies, temp files, etc and restart the browser.

      • Ffdesign01

        I believe that did the trick.. 🙂
        It’s now downloading and installing… I’ll update if it errors out..
        Thanks for the help….
        For those who may have the same issue my setup is Win 7 64 running IE 9 in 32bit mode.

  • Naveen Agrawal

    Anything for Ubuntu 12.04 users?

  • It’s windows only. But if you install and install windows in a VM, you can use it that way.

  • doc hardi

    Hallo and are nice job you have done but i have are issus on you the vertion 4.1 and on the new on

    if i Click on the singel Click converter after 2 min i resive this no mather what i try and what i set as apk name and as app name

    Meaby you know way i have that error and how i can fixit

    • Hi. That usually happened when either the conversion process had some corruption, which could be fixed by deleting the files MTZ creates during conversion and trying again, or some syntax error in the manifest. Unfortunately since I have not supported this in about 2 years chances are very good that changes made by MIT has introduced some configuration that MTZ doesn’t know what to do with. I would suggest reviewing the manifest (the one created in the conversion process) and make sure there are no issues, such as double entries. If there are, click the checkbox that will pause the conversion and edit the manifest to remove/change any bad entries. If that is the problem here, it should work.