Marketizer is Retiring

I want to thank everyone who supported my efforts when I was developing Marketizer. I had a lot of fun and sleepless nights, developing MTZ for everyone, but it was worth it knowing that I was able to help many of you get your AI apps published on the Play store. I hope all of you were able to find success.

As for Marketizer, it’s time to sail off into the sunset. MIT has released a beta version of AppInventor 2, which now creates apk files that are Play Store ready. So if you haven’t already, head over there and check it out. You should be able to just import your AI projects and you’ll be set. I will leave Marketizer up for a few more months, to give everyone a chance to migrate their projects.

You can find AI2 by following this link →

Now, just because MTZ has to retire it does not mean TAIIC is retiring. TAIIC will continue on and we will be looking for coding experts to provide developer content to the community. More to come on this in the near future. Also make sure to check out our other blog, Mobile Buzz Guru (, which aims to deliver cloud and virtualization related industry news and fresh content.

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  • jimmytherabbit

    Sad to hear.
    Also, at least so far, I still have to run my AI2 apps through MTZ to get them to scale correctly on tablets.