Netflix for Android



In case anyone has not heard, the apk for the Netflix Android app was leaked and it works great except for the streaming part. Of course no surprise that the most important piece is not working. Over on XDA they are saying it’s most likely due to it requiring hardware DRM. It’s also possible that it will never work on existing devices. Personally I think that would be a ridiculous move on Netflix part to alienate paying and potentially paying customers by not allowing this to function on the millions of Android devices out there. My guess is that they will most likely have a working Android app that will work on any 2.2 or above device.

If you want to check it out, there is a link to download the apk available here:

I checked logcat and it is sending requests to a sub-domain, so it looks legit. I entered my user/pw and was able to browse my queue, but as everyone reports, streaming fails miserably. Lets hope they don’t flake on us and when this officially releases  it will be functional on all devices.

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