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More Notifier 1

More Notifier

A few days back I posted a tutorial about using the notifier component to give some feedback to the user if they tried to hit submit without entering a value in the field being...

Broadcast Hub extended 0

Broadcast Hub extended

For this tutorial I am going to show you a piece of the source for my soon to be released application called “I AM HUB®” This tutorial assumes that you have completed the Broadcast...

Logcat 0


This tutorial assumes that you have either the Android SDK or AI Extras installed with access to the adb.exe command. If you are trying to debug your application or get more info about something...

Activity Starter & Intents Project 0

Activity Starter & Intents Project

Added a page to track info related to the activity starter & intents project that I have been working on for a few days and it’s finally ready to be released for others to...

New Tutorial – Logcat 0

New Tutorial – Logcat

Check out the new tutorial if you need help using logcat as well as some tips about the Activity Starter.

App Inventor open to all 0

App Inventor open to all

You can now have access to the beta without the wait. They have opened it up to anyone who has a Google account. You can get more info and register by going to Google...

Button Arrangements 2

Button Arrangements

Contrary to the name of this tutorial, there isn’t an actual button arrangement option. There is a feature request submitted for adding the ability to configure padding so that you can offset buttons, or...