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Yes again to latest EVO drivers + AI 0

Yes again to latest EVO drivers + AI

After hours of testing and crashing, I connected a non-rooted EVO and it worked fine. I connected the rooted again, and it now works fine as well. I’ll just accept it and not complain.

No (for now) to HTC Sync new version 0

No (for now) to HTC Sync new version

If you are planning to upgrade to the latest HTC Sync, considering holding off as the latest drivers cause adb to constantly crash in my tests. I filed a bug on the AI issues...

Play / Pause Sprite Movement 0

Play / Pause Sprite Movement

The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate how to start and stop the movement of a sprite while changing the button label from Play to Pause and back depending on the movement state...

Notifier 0


In an earlier tutorial I talked about setting a timed event to control visibility of a notification to a user. It appears when needed, and using the timer, disappears automatically. While this is a...

Tutorial Format 0

Tutorial Format

My initial approach to the tutorials was to try and write them in the same style that they are done in on the AI site. However, after spending a great deal of time on...