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No Data Connection Handling 2

No Data Connection Handling

In my last tutorial I showed how you can load images dynamically into your App Inventor app. A question was asked, what happens if your don’t have a data connection when your app asks...

Dynamic Images 3

Dynamic Images

  Did you know that you don’t have to load all your images into an App Inventor app? While you shouldn’t use this technique for every image because it relies on an active data...

Japan Disaster Relief 0

Japan Disaster Relief

  There is probably not a single person out there that hasn’t heard about the horrible situation in Japan today. Earlier this week I setup a fund raiser page with and have been...

Hospital FAIL 0

Hospital FAIL

    I was at the hospital this evening visiting my dad after his surgery, and I saw this on the wall…   I wonder if the nurses wear garter belts and carry whips?...

Big Daddy App 2

Big Daddy App

      If you’re looking for some great apps built with Google App Inventor, then you should check out our partner site Big Daddy App They’ve got some great titles their like...

Blowing Off Some Steam 0

Blowing Off Some Steam

      I thought it would be fun to add some gaming related topics, so to start off this weekend, you should check out the weekend special on Steam. They have a discount...

Swype Gets an Update 0

Swype Gets an Update

  If you’re a Swype user, you should have already received an email from them regarding the latest update. They’ve added some requested changes as well as other fixes and features. Full details can... is on facebook 0 is on facebook

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that is on facebook. So stop by and like us and lets get some discussions going. See you there!

AndSpot–The Social App Market 0

AndSpot–The Social App Market

A new app market has popped up for Android. They are taking the right approach in my opinion, by combining the social aspect with the market, to let friends find, share and discuss apps....

Netflix for Android 0

Netflix for Android

  In case anyone has not heard, the apk for the Netflix Android app was leaked and it works great except for the streaming part. Of course no surprise that the most important piece...