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Persistent Lists 9

Persistent Lists

Have you ever seen this error? Have you ever seen this error and wanted to throw something at your computer because you know for a fact you have an empty list that does NOT...

QR Code Generator 0

QR Code Generator

I have added a QR code generator to make it convenient for anyone to generate a QR image of a URL. I have created a dedicated page, as well as placed it at the...

It’s official 0

It’s official

After a long day of troubleshooting after the migration of the domain name form the staging URL to, we are finally online and ready to receiving visitors. We look forward to your feedback....

QR Code Generator 0

QR Code Generator

I have created a form to generate QR codes  using the Google Charts API. You can find the form at this URL, I have also added a smaller version in the sidebar for...

New Tutorial & Video – Dynamic Drawer 0

New Tutorial & Video – Dynamic Drawer

A very nice sliding drawer tutorial that Tony ( and I created. Enjoy, and hopefully you can use it for one of your apps.

Dynamic Drawer 3

Dynamic Drawer

A few days ago I posted a tutorial for making a very simple drawer effect. Tony at posted a more complex version of a drawer effect. Today, we worked together to... is moving 0 is moving

The App Inventor Info Center will be moving to a new host. I have staged a version of this site using a self hosted WordPress setup. I have been debating the move for a...

Enable Java 1

Enable Java

If you’re having connection problems, the first thing you want to do is make sure you are… Running the latest device drivers for your device Running the latest version of Java Runtime Latest version...

Emulator External Storage 0

Emulator External Storage

This is a quick guide to help resolve external storage errors when using an emulator. If you are receiving this error: It means that the storage is unmounted. Follow these steps to resolve this...

I AM HUB version 2 is now available 0

I AM HUB version 2 is now available

Hit the market and upgrade to version 2. It’s sporting a brand new interface and some added functionality.