Some Facts About Marketizer

I get questions about Marketizer on a fairly regular basis asking about what language it’s programmed in. So as I was thinking about it, and I realized that I’ve probably never answered that question. Which brings me to this article.

Marketizer is a Windows Forms application written in C#. That’s pronounced “c sharp”. The reason I chose to go that route as apposed to C++, VB, Java app, or any other language out there is because of it’s huge range of functionality and simplicity. On average, you need less lines of code to accomplish the same thing with C# and the only real advantage to building with Java is it’s portability, which from what I understand can’t really be considered a big plus because it’s supposedly a nightmare to accomplish. That’s not to say any other language is a bad choice, but C# does have a number of advantages.

Given that Marketizer is built using C#, it means that it’s a Windows only application. Which brings me to a related topic. Running Marketizer on another platform, which I’ll discuss in another article.

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