tAIIC.com & forum.taiic.com are upgrading

First of all I want to thank everyone for your continued patronage. I know I haven’t posted much tutorial content recently, but I hope that is made up for with Marketizer. Supporting that is taking up most of my time, so between family, work, occasional personal time and this, I have chosen to spend my available time making sure Marketizer is functional for everyone using it.

The good news is that lately you may have noticed an error when connecting to tAIIC.com that says something about to many connections. Why is that good news? Because that means we are getting more visitors here which results in our very basic hosting plan choking when enough people visit at once. So…to make sure this doesn’t happen anymore and hopefully improve the overall site performance, I am going to upgrade our hosting plan to a private server.

I’m checking with our host to make sure the migration will not disrupt services. I’ll keep you updated as information flows to me.


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