tAIIC.com Project Updates

The Google Maps portion of the Activity Starter & Intents project has started to take on life of it’s own, so I have decided to split it off into it’s own project and app. Starting with build 0.74 I will leave the Maps content there, but I will only continue updating it in it’s own project. I’ll post an update as soon as I have both ready for release.

The new project which I will call GMAAS, because it’s easier to type then Google Maps and Activity Starter, will contain the existing functionality carried over from the current project, plus I am adding a form that can actually be used as a stand alone app. Using it you can get directions from A to B and choose if you want Bicycle, Walking or Public Transit directions (these may not be supported in all areas yet). I am also adding the ability to create directions via waypoints as well as choose to avoid highways, tolls or both. One thing to note however, the later does not currently work on the mobile version of maps. I am leaving it in because it doesn’t impact what is there now and it will just start working when/if Google decides to enable this. I know that Maps has the option to choose to avoid highways and/or tolls, but it does not appear to accept the parameters passed from the activity starter. I did find that if you pass the same parameters to the browser, it works, so I’ll have that available as an option.

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