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Downloads Page 0

Downloads Page

Looks like Google has blocked displaying the Code page through an iframe, which is how I was displaying it. The downloads are still available and you can reach them directly by going to Update 0 Update

I’m happy to report that the maintenance and upgrade went very smoothly. The site should be performing a bit better and will hopefully be more stable. We’ll see what happens when we hit peak... Maintenance 0 Maintenance

Hi everyone. I will be doing some maintenance and upgrades on over the weekend. If all goes well there shouldn’t be any downtime. I’ll keep everyone posted regarding the progress.   Join our...

Marketizer Still Works 8

Marketizer Still Works

    Hi everyone. First of all, I want to thank all of you who are using Marketizer. It means a lot to me that I have your support even though I can’t be...

Site Upgraded 0

Site Upgraded

I went ahead and purchased more RAM for my web server. We shouldn’t see anymore outages, at least for a while. But, if I need to buy more in the future, I will.  ...

Site Issues 0

Site Issues

Hi everyone. As you have noticed my site has been down frequently lately. it seems that the number of people accessing has been growing (not complaining), which results in my server running out...

Marketizer Updated To Version 4.1 0

Marketizer Updated To Version 4.1

    I have placed the latest version of Marketizer on my download page. Just a few changes in this one with the only significant difference being the addition of an advanced settings screen....

SwiftKey–Free on Amazon 0

SwiftKey–Free on Amazon

  Amazon sure is holding up their promise to provide a different paid up for free, every day. If you’re looking for to try out a new keyboard, open the Amazon Appstore app and...

Amazon Appstore is Live 0

Amazon Appstore is Live

    Amazon opened the doors to their Appstore and they are offering the newest version of Angry Birds for free on day one. Amazon has created a nice little incentive to get people...

Japan Disaster Relief 0

Japan Disaster Relief

  There is probably not a single person out there that hasn’t heard about the horrible situation in Japan today. Earlier this week I setup a fund raiser page with and have been...