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App Inventor Updated 0

App Inventor Updated

New version released today. Below are the release notes copied from!msg/app-inventor-announcements/KO4m1kVBiBU/pt2pWPjQ6dUJ The following was posted by Mark Friedman: We have updated App Inventor with some new features and bug fixes.  Here is a...

I AM HUB – v 2.02 Coming Soon 0

I AM HUB – v 2.02 Coming Soon

I know how important the limited amount of device storage can be, so I will be adding the option to install to SD card in version 2.02.

AI apk 2 market companion video 0

AI apk 2 market companion video

The video detailing the conversion process is online. Available under tutorials and on my YouTube channel. Project Updates 0 Project Updates

The Google Maps portion of the Activity Starter & Intents project has started to take on life of it’s own, so I have decided to split it off into it’s own project and app....

QR Code Generator 0

QR Code Generator

I have added a QR code generator to make it convenient for anyone to generate a QR image of a URL. I have created a dedicated page, as well as placed it at the...