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AdMob 4.0.4 Tutorial 7

AdMob 4.0.4 Tutorial

{EAV_BLOG_VER:d5264a237aa2c5e8}   People have been asking me to take a look at the latest AdMob SDK, version 4.0.4. Some have been having trouble getting it to work and other’s have had problems getting test...

AdMob Tutorial – Using AdMob SDK 5

AdMob Tutorial – Using AdMob SDK

  A few weeks ago I posted a tutorial using one of the two ways to configure AdMob in your Android SDK apps. This approach utilized an alternate SDK. For this tutorial I will...

Android SDK – Adding AdMob 19

Android SDK – Adding AdMob

  There are two ways for adding AdMob ads to your apps. The most common way is with the SDK provided by AdMob when you add an app, and the other way is with...

No Data Connection Handling 2

No Data Connection Handling

In my last tutorial I showed how you can load images dynamically into your App Inventor app. A question was asked, what happens if your don’t have a data connection when your app asks...

Dynamic Images 3

Dynamic Images

  Did you know that you don’t have to load all your images into an App Inventor app? While you shouldn’t use this technique for every image because it relies on an active data...

Swype Gets an Update 0

Swype Gets an Update

  If you’re a Swype user, you should have already received an email from them regarding the latest update. They’ve added some requested changes as well as other fixes and features. Full details can...

WebView Template for Android SDK 9

WebView Template for Android SDK

        If you’ve been trying to figure out how to setup a WebView with the Android SDK you may have quickly gotten frustrated with trying to find what you need online....

Google App Inventor apk to Market Conversion Video 0

Google App Inventor apk to Market Conversion Video

Companion video to my AI APK 2 Market tutorial.



If you are new to AI, please be sure to go through the tutorials on the AI site. This will help you understand a great deal of the block building process as well as...