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I wish I could be around more often to help people resolve issues when using Marketizer, but unfortunately I can’t. So I’ve been putting together a FAQ to help people resolve issues. In this article I have outlined the most common ways to troubleshoot the conversion process when you run into issues. There is no specific order that you need to follow with these. You can try them from simplest test to more complex, or you can start right from the more involved step, or pick and choose if you think one could be the more likely fix vs. another. Regardless of how you follow this guide, the goal is that something below will get you running again.


  • Make sure you are running with elevated privileges. On OS’s with strict security, such as Windows 7, you will need the higher privileges for the conversion to complete. Some of the processes that are running in the background will fail otherwise
    • image
    • image
    • Note: The red and green highlights are not in the program. I have added them above to emphasize the messages
  • Check inside the \Custom folder to make sure a Launcher_signed folder is not left behind. A successful conversion will rename it with a date_time stamp. If this folder exists without a date_time stamp, delete it
    • This ensures a previously failed/corrupted conversion didn’t leave behind any files
  • Make a hello world app and use it’s apk to test the conversion
    • Using a simple hello world app, ensures that you don’t have any issues with your app
    • If the hello world app converts with no issues, go through your failing app and make sure you don’t have any syntax errors as a result of incorrect block connections/configurations. One way I have tested this in the past is by making a copy of the project in App Inventor and systematically deleting blocks, exporting an apk and testing the conversion until it starts to work. At this point I look at the blocks that I have deleted to try and figure out if any one or more are causing a syntax error. Remember, just because the program works, does not mean that there is nothing that can cause a syntax error
  • Use the bare minimum configuration that is required and don’t pause the conversion
    • image
    • This ensures that any additional configurations you are adding are not introducing any syntax errors
    • If you are making manual edits to the AndroidManifest.xml, this process will exclude that and help you determine if your edits are introducing a syntax error
  • Try to re-install Marketizer. The steps are to backup any certs, mtz and apk files you had previously created, uninstall Marketizer, delete anything left behind (the entire Marketizer folder), and install Marketizer again
    • Sometimes a program can become corrupted, or the initial install can have issues that don’t necessarily throw an error. Re-installing will help resolve those types of problems
    • You can also try installing to a different directory to rule out path related issues
  • Try installing Marketizer on another computer. The best test is to test on a clean install of Windows
    • This will test for conflicts. If it works with no issues on another PC, that means there is something on your primary computer that is conflicting with Marketizer
  • Confirm the JAVA path reference is accurate. This is only necessary if you are receiving JAVA related errors. However, you can check this even if you aren’t, just to be sure
    • Open Windows Explorer and browse to the “Marketizer\Custom” install folder
    • Right-click “apktool.bat”, and left-click edit (it will open in Notepad)
    • The second line starts with a relative path to the JAVA folder located in “Marketizer\jdk\bin\java”. Check that path to make sure that folder structure exists and contains files. If it doesn’t, reinstall Marketizer. If it does exist, you can try changing the path in “apktool.bat” to be an absolute path.
      • Relative path looks like “..\..\Marketizer\jdk\bin\java”
      • Absolute path looks like “c:\program files\marketizer\jdk\bin\java”
      • Quotes are only needed if the path contains a space. However, you can try quotes even if there are no spaces, to rule that out as an issue
    • You can also change this path to point to a directory outside of Marketizer. For example, you can point it to the Java installation on your computer.
    • If you make changes to this file, save it and try the conversion again
    • You can also quickly verify the path is being recognized, by opening a command prompt and changing directory to the “Marketizer\Custom” directory, then type in “apktool.bat” (without the quotes) and press enter
    • image
    • If you see the above message, or a Java related error, the path is not correct and the conversion will fail
    • image
    • If you see the above output, the path is correct and the conversion will work (granted none of the issues listed above are encountered)

I have also updated the FAQ ( with the above information.

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